She’s still alive, folks!

Taling: OMG. Hahaha! The machine thinks you’re fat!
Me: Whut?
Taling: Didn’t it just say “Thank You, Po”? You’re a panda, mum.

The importance of naming your child properly

Taling: Someone named their child Dixie.
Me: And?
Taling: Their surname is Normous.
Me: Gaga ka Taling! Anak nga kita!

Our vacay in Baguio

Taling: Mummy look, we’re a horse! Wanna see how a horse twerks?



They always want me to adopt critters.

Irma: Do u want a cat?
Me: No.
Irma: Mr Gipson is looking for homes. They might die.
Me: Survival of the fittest.
Irma: Oh shut up Shishio.

Take note, Shishio hindi Charles Darwin. Best in parenting!


Irma: Mummy, what’s salbahe?
Me: Bad
Taling: Ha! I know what salbabida means!

Juskoh, my mema is at it again.

What to eat

Irma: I want to eat Korean.

Me: I want to eat a Korean.

Nag dirty finger sya mga bes.




Irma: Are those shrimps? Why so small? What did they do? Accost a pregnant shrimp to give them her babies?