New Age Girl

New Age Girl played in the car.

Taling: Mum what does ‘she don’t eat meat but she sure likes the bone?’

Me: Boner.

Taling: Ugh. Why did I even ask?


Like mudra, like junakis

Irma tried on shoes.

French uncle: Aren’t those too sexy for your age?

Irma: Oh thank you!

Uncle: She is your daughter.


What will you be when you grow up?

Taling: I think I’m going to grow up like mum.

Irma: Judgy?

Me: Take that back!

Irma: Don’t kill me, judgy mother. Please don’t!

Old age

Me: I don’t think I can handle old age. What if I’m going to be so weak? I’d rather die.

Irma: Stop being so dramatic, woman.

Me: Who will be there to help me?

Irma: We plan to get rich.

Me: *shrieks* OMG. You’ll get me a boy toy?

Taling: What’s a boy toy, mummy?

Irma: You don’t want to know. Your mother is disgusting.

Taling: What is it?

Irma: Yzma here wants a Kronk!

K-Drama got us like…

We love looking for the k-dramas where certain actors and actresses were in. This time, we looked for Yoo In-young whom we just saw in Oh My Venus. Irma told me she’s the same girl who played Han Yoo-ra in My Love from the Star.

Me: Her face is different now.

Irma: I think she had a blowjob.

Me: Must’ve done a lot for her face to change.




Tummy ache

Facebook showed me this story from 6 years ago.

Bading Mother: Andrea, please get the oil for my tummy. I feel like I’ve got gas inside.
Andrea: Okay mum.
Taling (screaming and running out of the bedroom): OH NO! HELP US GOD! SHE MIGHT FART!

Hindi sya inabutan ng unan na balak kong ibato.

She’s still alive, folks!

Taling: OMG. Hahaha! The machine thinks you’re fat!
Me: Whut?
Taling: Didn’t it just say “Thank You, Po”? You’re a panda, mum.